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And Creating Massive Forward Momentum

If you read my post from a few days ago, you know that there are 5 common things that derail you: multi-tasking, unclear focus, weak systems, procrastination and perfectionism. And while I related that post to business and entrepreneurs, it applies to anything.

Why? Because what’s really holding you back is fear. Fear of success. Fear of being seen or heard. Fear of making waves. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of not being good enough. And the list goes on and on.

And regardless of what is behind it, fear leads to frustration and overwhelm.

So, how can you get out of frustration and overwhelm?

Here are 10 tips for making an impact and creating massive forward momentum.

FOCUS. And when I say focus, I mean not only get clear on your task at hand but ONLY work on ONE thing at a time. Just the one thing in front of you right now. Nothing else. Be single-minded in everything you do. And set priorities. If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a fuck no.

TIME-BLOCKS. Create blocks of time in your schedule for doing typical things. This isn’t like all-out planning your day and your week down to the minute – this is making space in your calendar to work. So for example, I have a time block in my schedule called “create & write” and I often decide when I sit down at my desk, exactly WHAT I’m going to create or write. I just know that I have the time blocked out for that purpose and when I go do it, I am free to choose whatever strikes my fancy in that moment.

SLOW DOWN. There is really absolutely NO need at all for rushing. Ever. If you have to rush through your day to stay ahead of your to do list, it’s time to THROW AWAY the to-do list. And yes, I am totally serious. Throw it out! Rushing through your day gets you nowhere but exhausted and burnt out. Trust me – the more you slow down with focused attention and intentions, the faster things will happen for you.

WRITE. Get all the crap OUT of your head. The good stuff and the other stuff. It doesn’t have to be a perfect 5 paragraph essay – just write it down. AND then also write down all of your ideas so you can stop multi-tasking and focus. You won’t forget it. Your muses just want you to pay attention because they think you’re going to forget. Get in the habit of writing everything down.

MAGIC. Cultivate magic everywhere. Especially when things seem like they’re getting too mundane. Take a nap, read a chapter of a book, take a break to sit outside in the sun, watch the birds, go for a walk. Seek out pleasure and fun and put your to-do list on hold for a moment. We ARE magic.

BREAKS. Taking breaks is one of the best ways to eliminate overwhelm. Set a timer for 45 minutes while you’re working and when it goes off, GET UP. Walk down the hall. Snuggle the cat. Call a friend. Write a nice note to someone you’ve been meaning to reconnect with and drop it in the mailbox.

SIMPLIFY. Things do not have to be complicated but we often make them so. Find simple solutions and be careful of making things more complicated than they are. Same goes with your systems and tools – throw it out if it’s no longer working or is cumbersome or otherwise getting in the way. This also means declutter. Cut down on what you really don’t need or use regularly.

CLEAN UP. At the end of every day or the end of your work session, clear your space. Put everything away. Even if you’re going to use it again the next time you get back to your desk. Because when you arrive back there to work, you’re going feel the stress of a messy space before you even begin. It’s so much more fun to start fresh each day!

DELEGATE. Even if you can do something and do it well, doesn’t mean you should. Your time is best focused on the things that are most important for you. Not things you can easily delegate to someone else.

LET GO. Give yourself permission to let go of perfectionism. Let go of doubt. Let go of the idea in your head of how it’s “supposed to” be. Find a standard you can support and feel good about and that will allow you to deliver on time.

BONUS TIP: Don’t try to get everything done today. Set priorities, set time blocks, take breaks, slow down and learn to FOCUS in the here and now.

Because the moment of NOW is infinite. Nothing else exists.

And every moment, you have a choice. The choices you make will make or break your day and if it falls apart today, start again tomorrow.

These are just the basics of all of this stuff and while you can certainly handle it all on your own, sometimes it’s worth it to have someone walking alongside you. . .

I’d love to help you if you’re ready for that level of support!

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