About Annie

Be true. Be love.

Maybe you’ve felt. . . it. . . for years.

A desire and a restlessness that seeks you in your dreams. An incomprehensible craving, a thirst for more. A knowing that within you is something far greater than you can even imagine. . .

A conviction that you have an amazing gift you must share with the world. . . if only you knew what. . . if only you knew how.

So, I’m here to ask you, what if. . .


What if you did know?


What if you were so certain about YOU that HOW (or the what) didn’t even matter?


What if you were so filled with wonder and awe that there was no other option but to create your dreams?


What if you let your desires and your dreams and your anticipation for what you LOVE pull you so close to your edge that it takes your breath away?

THAT is the feeling I want for YOU. Because I KNOW how completely magical that space is. Because I know what THAT kind of conviction pulls out of you.

Because I KNOW how POWERFUL you are.

Listen, you can take a backseat in your life – I know how easy it is. You’ve been conditioned by society to follow the rules, to play it safe, to do what everybody else does because that’s the way it’s done.

But you know what? Those are lies. Fallacy. A big fat slab of bullshit that you don’t have to buy into.

I mean really. . . isn’t that why you’re here??? To have a life of your own choosing and live it on your own terms?

Right now, you have a choice. . .

You can continue to play it safe and follow the rules and be committed to mediocrity and an average life.

Or you can take a leap, take a chance on YOU and BECOME all of who you were born to be. . . ALL OF WHO YOU ARE.

My choice is clear. . . and I want that for you, too.

AND. . . you don’t have to do it alone.

My name is Annie Anderson and I am a coach, visionary, storyteller, and designer. My own coach calls me a Powerful Motherfucker. My clients call me an empowerment BEAST. A Badass MagicMaker. And a Warrior of Love.

It took me A LONG FUCKING time to really step into this role – to BE ALL OF WHO I AM. To be ok with being ME. . . the real me. The one who loves and laughs and helps people.

The one who is ok with not looking like your “average” coach. And for sure, I’m NOT your average coach! Hell, I’m not your average anything for that matter! I don’t dress fancy. I don’t wear makeup very often. I don’t drive a brand new expensive car. (I drive a good ol’ Chevy truck.)

I listen to heavy metal, hard rock, jazz and chill out music. Things like Rush, Metallica, Adele, Kelly Clarkson, David Lanz, Nirvana, Alter Bridge, The Doors, Nine Inch Nails, Fourplay, Kenny G, Jim Brickman, Ryan Farish, Blue Stone and many more.

I love reading. I love writing and graphic and web design (I’ve been a designer for 32 years.) I love coffee and books and cats. I love trucks and motorcycles and the ocean. I love biking and hiking and cooking. I’m a vegetarian, an ordained minister and a Reiki Master. I swear like a sailor. And I have tattoos.

And I’m a single parent which means my family ALWAYS comes first. Always. I love working with my clients and I will bend over backwards to get the job done and I take my job as mom to 4 amazing kids very seriously. They are my reason for everything, my true legacy.

I know with every ounce of my being, every beat of my heart and soul that LOVE is always the answer, that love and only love heals all wounds and my mission is to create a world where love and peace prevail.

Now. Today.

My mission on this planet is to create a world of peace and love in One Generation.
To eradicate war and violence.
To eliminate poverty and hunger.
To extinguish fear and hatred and anger.

And that’s why I created my lifelong dream in 2014 and founded One Generation Peace Coalition.

Through OGPC and coaching, I am here to help YOU make the impact you’re here to make through love, purpose and freedom.

xo ~Annie