Have you ever heard the acronym for FOCUS. . .

Follow One Course Until Success?

As a productivity and operations strategist, I often work with people who have multiple passions and the number one problem they face. . .

Is doing too many things at once.

See, we often want to do all the things. right. now. And the problem with that is nothing gets done well. Things fall through the cracks. We make serious mistakes that set us back.

We justify it with phrases like “start before you’re ready.” Or “done is better than perfect.”

And while those are totally true, and I agree with them and advocate those ideals, we end up using them as an excuse to not really put 100% effort into things.

We haphazardly move one from thing to the next to the next to the next in an effort to keep busy and get something done.

Meanwhile, nothing gets done well and we feel like total failures.

But what if you could really DO ALL THE THINGS? And DO them effectively? AND make massive leaps forward?

You can.

Just Follow One Course Until Success.

That means, pick one project, get it done – from start to finish – set it up for continued success and then move to the next project.

Repeat the process until all of them are complete.

And THEN, create AND implement strategies and systems to keep them all moving forward, successfully and easily.

Is it a quick strategy? No, it’s not.

But it IS a sustainable strategy. One that will allow you to grow and to expand and scale rapidly when the time comes.

It’s a lasting strategy that WILL lead to success.

And mastery.
And impact.

And isn’t that really your goal?

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Annie Anderson

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