Annie Anderson

Annie Anderson

Annie S. Anderson is a productivity strategist and whole-life business coach who helps spiritual entrepreneurs to create organization out of chaos so they can get from where they are now to where - and who - they really want to be. When she's not supporting others, you'll find Annie reading, designing and building websites on WordPress, hanging out with her family in the Pacific Northwest, or listening to music.

My favorite business books

A pretty big list of my favorite business books including classics, new classics, familiar resources and lots of innovative thinkers. You’ll want to check it out if you’re committed to making your business (and yourself) the best it can be.

My Only Job is Love

Peace is not something we DO. . . it is something we BE. And it comes from WITHIN each of us. It comes from our hearts. From our souls. And when we ALL stand together through this deep sense of harmony, when we each embody the very idea of TRUE, LOVING, OPEN connection, it will create ripples across the planet like nothing else.

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