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Client Love

What clients say about working with me

A Wide Awakening

Working with Annie Anderson has been an unforgettable Experience. Before working with Annie I was overwhelmed and confused about what step to take next and how to serve my clients best. Annie simplified things for me and showed me how to ignite magic by getting back to the pure basics of who I am and what I can do best. Annie walks her talk, her methods have saved me time and money and her gentle but firm ways make her a shining leader and example to all women in business. Join Annie’s tribe and experience quantum leaps you never thought possible before.

Katrina Tuscano


Annie helped me learn how to breathe. No joke, her coaching gave me a chance to just BE with my projects and thoughts and conflicts. I appreciated her quiet, supportive approach. I loved that we found a lot of humor together. And, of course, we bonded over organization. Happy day! If you’re looking for help figuring out how to kick some ass, get on a call with Annie and get some permission to breathe.

Kate Rufener

One of the most powerful coaches out there

Annie Anderson is hands-down one of the most powerful coaches I’ve ever worked with. She has an incredible ability to make me feel safe, supported, and ready to take action. It doesn’t even matter what Annie says — I can be blabbering for one hour and get instant clarity. It’s her power, her presence, the space she holds that is absolutely transformational. She’s part-coach, part-energy healer, part-overall badass. If you want business, life, and spiritual help, there’s no question about it. Hire Annie Anderson immediately. You won’t regret it.

Mike Iamele

Love. Lead. Legacy.

Humans often tend to want to see tangible results when paying someone for services. I get it. So here is my list after working with Annie Anderson:

  • 10 flights in 2015 while working a regular 9-5
  • Paid off several thousand in Credit Card Debt
  • Spent a Day with elephants and then a day with Tigers on an adventure of a lifetime in Thailand.
  • Now creating a legacy retreat for women in Thailand working with a drone based conservationist for endangered species.
  • Successfully handled a massive project at work with zero supervision and guidance
  • Asked to build a program for and train sales reps at work – one of my dreams
  • Signing up for training my voice with a 5 time Grammy winner
  • Traveling to Paris and Barcelona for my birthday
  • Getting over my fears around carbs/food, and realizing I don’t have a binge eating problem, I needed more carbs.
  • Manifesting the man of my dreams – and – being able to see that despite one not working out, I can do it over and over.

But here’s the thing – that’s all really cool and shit… but guess what? I didn’t make a single dollar more, I didn’t buy a big house and a fancy car…Yet, I blew through so many dreams of mine without pushing for NEW dollars by managing my EXISTING abundance and curating my character consistently towards more of WHO I want to become. THAT is legacy. Today’s BMW will become tomorrow’s Porsche and the next day a Ferrari. Those things are just things. So did Annie teach me how to get those things? No. Did she teach me how to become who I became? No. Instead, she gave me the gift of a lifetime. She gave me space to BE. To allow myself to want what I want, to feel and own as big as I am and when I owned my power, we synergize. That synergy and collaboration is what this world is calling us to do and to decide who I wanted to become. Its resulted in massive shifts, most of them immeasurable and priceless. Because having it all will kill you if you haven’t curated and prepared your character and soul for all that you desire. So, the best part is, you get to choose. Love. Lead. Legacy

Nida Kazmi
The Exponential You

ANNIE is AMAZING! She helped me create more in 90 days than anyone else in 2 years!

Working with Annie has been an incredible journey. It’s not over yet, and she has already helped me break through so many barriers and blocks I had created by own silly thinking! Her approach really helps you empty your head of all the ideas that limit your potential and expand into the new space where you find your TRUE self and TRUE business. At times it’s frustrating to look at your own S!*& but Annie has a skillset and gift that helps you do that without feeling bad about yourself or your work. In fact, she helps you feel AWESOME!

Katie Kozlowski

Pure love and support

I started working with Annie Anderson during a very trial period in my personal life. Her unconditional love and support made me feel taken care of, the safe space she provides was exactly what I needed. And because of Annie my healing process was so fast and permanent. Annie is a force of good and a very gifted knowledgeable coach.

Josani Gravia

Annie helped me achieve miracles

For me, Annie Anderson just hits the right notes. I’ve had plenty of coaches in the past but no one has been able to tap into my own sense of empowerment quite like Annie has. When I look at where I was when I had my first conversation with her versus where I am now, it’s pretty amazing. No – it’s downright miraculous. Annie has a special ability to help you envision a big dream that doesn’t compromise what you truly want and who you want to become. She’s got laser focus, skill and a huge heart. She’ll help you mold the clay of your life into the masterpiece of your choosing. I’m IN all the way, Annie. Hell yeah!!

Christina Caudill

Annie is no BS – how refreshing!

Working with Annie has been like working with 2 coaches in 1! She holds you in a space of LOVE, yet also firmly holds you in a space of action. I have had coaches that were just all fluffy and didn’t really get a lot done and I’ve had coaches on the other end of the spectrum that bordered on bully. Annie is a beautiful blend and her approach and her heart totally resonate with my energy. I see a long future ahead with her in my court and I couldn’t be happier!

Laura Young

Working with Annie is nothing short of transformative

Working with Annie is nothing short of transformative. I always walk away from her with a powerful grounded clarity that changes everything. After our first session, I was able to take action and release a beta program that I had been procrastinating on for a year. Just moving forward with that one idea released a whole gushing river of ideas and parts of my life that had been held up in the dam of stuckness. Annie has a way of holding space and expanding your vision with you and then seamlessly channeling it down and grounding it in the here and now. Suddenly what felt impossible, not only feels possible, but feels totally easy. This is just part of the magic of Annie. Considering working with her? If you are ready to go big and get real, then no consideration needed.

Jenean Zunk

Like your best wise friend

Annie is fantastic to work with. She gently guides you in to yourself with humor, grace, and enough firm truth that you know it’s time to listen.

Alexis Pierce

Intuitive guidance for mind & heart, business & life

Annie has been so helpful in providing solid logistics about how to advance my business wrapped up in a soulful package that also addresses the soul’s calling, the heart’s desires, and Spirit’s direction. Working with Annie was like receiving permission to give myself permission to do it “my way”, while at the same time providing a template to explore within. With Annie you have the opportunity for a journey of discovery from the inside out, from the inner game to how to express your soul’s purpose in an online space. I’m so grateful for her intuitive guidance and practical suggestions. She’s now a trusted BIZ BFF I know I can turn to again and again when I need clarity, encouragement, or a spiritual or physical tweak in realizing my dreams.

Shauna Karine

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