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Hey Trailblazers,
It’s time for our weekly Coffee Break – a curated list of 5 things I found around the web this week to share with you. Enjoy!

1. From Kevin Abdulrahman – “17 Things You Can Do Today to Stay Focused at Work in the Digital Age

2. “150 Years Ago, a Philosopher Showed Why It’s Pointless to Start Arguments on the Internet

3. From Entrepreneur’s Handbook – “Use the 1-50 Rule to Make Money Within the Next 24 Hours

4. From The Startup – “Keanu Reeves Rarely Talks About Money But When He Does, It’s Life Changing

5. “Why Passive Income is a Myth

And I know I mentioned I’d be returning to writing a weekly blog and newsletter – and I will – soon! I have a few miscellaneous things to take care of over the next few days but for now, enjoy the Coffee Break and I’ll see you shortly.

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