Contribution matters more than purpose

Contribution matters more than purpose


It’s one of the five questions that drives the intersection where our humanness and our spirit merge. . .

// What do I contribute? //

And it’s far more important than ‘purpose.’

Your purpose, as a human on this planet, is to love. To learn. To grow. To be your fullest expression.

But what you contribute while you’re here, the impact you make – be it large or small – is what your soul requires.

Especially if you’re a healer, a teacher, a leader, a coach. You’re here for a greater contribution.

It’s time to open the floodgates. To share your knowledge. To share your truth. To light the way.

It’s time to live your mission. To live your vision.

What do you contribute?
What do you WANT to contribute?

The time is now.

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