Cyber Monday Deals

Here’s what’s on the table for Cyber Monday.
Each deal opens at a specific time and is only available for a 4 hour period. Then it’s gone!

The Course Roadmap

Your hands-on, one-to-one deep dive into creating your course. We lay all of your pieces out on the table and get to work creating an outline, content, and everything else you need to get your course up and running quickly.

Express: $495 (reg. $695)
Journey: $695 (reg. $895)

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How to Build Your Course on WordPress

Learn my tried and true tips and tricks for building your course using WordPress. In this short course, I’ll walk you through installing your LMS plugin, getting your content loaded, and configuring everything just the way you need it.

Special: $149 (reg. $299)

Please note: this link will take you to my design website, design. build. brand. 

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WordPress Course Website Build

Need a done for you solution? This offer for building a brand new course website not only includes a standard WordPress website build (up to 8 pages, customized and branded starter theme, and all necessary WP plugins installed and configured, it also includes  installation and configuration of your LMS plugin, setup of your payment gateway, adding and formatting your course content, and more. When we’re done, you’ll have a rockin’ website complete with your first course setup and ready to go!

(You *must* have your course content ready. Course content, brainstorming your course, etc are not included in this package. However, you may purchase The Course Roadmap in addition to this offer.)

Special: $2600 (reg. $3600)

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Standard WordPress Website

Got an old website that needs updating? Or got a new biz that needs a website? Then this offer might be right for you.

With this package, you get a new WordPress website (up to 8 pages) with all necessary plugins installed and configured plus my Starter theme customized to your colors and branding. It also includes design and formatting of your pages as well as templates for you to create additional pages later if you need them.

This package does not include a course or membership site build or ecommerce build.

Special: $1500 (reg. $2200)

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