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Demons That Rise

Sometimes as parents we deal with some pretty scary shit. Sometimes some pretty heart-wrenching shit. As the mom of 4, I’ve seen a lot of stuff. And I’ll tell you. . . nothing compares to the demons that arise when one of your children tries to commit suicide.

You begin to wonder what the fuck you did wrong. You begin to wonder if you have the right to be a parent. You begin to question whether you are strong enough. You question every little thing you do. And say. And think. And feel. You question every choice you ever made as a parent.

You beat yourself up for what you should have noticed. For what you should have seen. Or heard. You challenge your very sanity. You think you must be a terrible parent. You must be the worst parent ever and you don’t deserve the gift you’ve been given.

You torture yourself with hatred and anger and self-loathing. You let the very thoughts that likely caused your child’s pain, become your pain.

Maybe you cry. You panic. You shake. You can’t sleep. You can’t eat. You feel NOTHING.

And yet. . . you feel EVERYTHING.

And it hurts. It cuts deeply. Deeply into your psyche. Into your heart. It cuts deeply into your soul. To the very core of your being.

You hit rock bottom. And there you are faced with a choice. . .

You can let fear overwhelm you. You can let hatred and anger overwhelm you.

Or you can love.

I don’t have all the answers. I’m still navigating this space. Still learning the way through this. But I do know one thing. . .

LOVE is always the answer.

You can love with a love bigger than any other. A compassion so deep and generous it cracks your heart wide open.

Surrender into the space of unconditional love and acceptance. Know that you may never know why. And really, the why doesn’t matter.

What matters is what happens from here.

What matters is teaching our children a new way to be in life and in the world. Teaching our children that LOVE and TRUTH are the way to freedom. That peace is inside them.
That peace is not something we do. . . it is something we BE.

This is the vision of One Generation Peace Project – to create a world of peace and love in One Generation. It’s time to turn the tide, to tip the scales in favor of peace.

The question is – how do we do that? Who do we, as parents and leaders, have to BE to in order to turn the tide?

Let me show you. . .

Fill out the contact form and we’ll setup a phone call to learn more.

Love + Magic,

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