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Do you have really big goals?

Let’s talk goals. . .

Do you have really big goals?

And by really big goals, I mean do you have really fucking huge goals? Like, galactic- sized goals? Maybe tied to your mission, your vision?

And if you do have really fucking huge goals, do you feel like they’re way out there? Like you’re never going to reach them?

Or do you feel like they’re just too big? Too big for YOU?

Guess what?

You’re not alone.

AND you’ve been given those goals – that mission – for a reason – because you ARE capable.

AND there’s another way. Even though those goals might seem extremely huge, they can be reached.

Keep those goals on the horizon. Break them down. Find stepping stones between here and there.

If this is something you have trouble with, something you want to know how to work with and integrate so that you can start feeling like those goals are attainable for you,

Come join me next Friday for an intimate circle where we’ll go through my process and get you on the road to reaching your goals and more.

Now, I know next Friday is just after Christmas and before New Year’s and it might be your down time but you can totally join the circle form the comfort of your home in your jammies if you want!

It will NOT be recorded so if you want in, you gotta show up. . .

Sign up hereGoals Workshop

It’s totally free!


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