Drop In Coaching

This is going to be my ‘staple’ offer for the remainder of the year. It’s light, easy, and simple. For you and for me.

Just buy a month at a time (or more if that floats your goat) and we’ll do what needs doing.

Including, but not limited to things like:

⚡️Strategy – building solid foundations for your biz, outlining products and services, developing programs and courses, launch planning, content planning, and lots more

⚡️ Systems – outlining and building funnels, client onboarding tools, mapping out workflows, connecting and integrating all the systems, automations, and other techie bits

⚡️ Operations – developing learning programs, creating and improving products and/or services, analyzing tech needs, develop working models for market positioning, and the like

⚡️ Mindset – uncover what’s holding you back, learn how to achieve your goals, change your attitude to get over that slump, develop healthy habits, and many others

Drop-In Coaching is on-demand. There’s no set schedule for meetings. You just message me (Voxer, Messenger, or email) and we tackle your stuff.

The only restrictions are: coaching ‘hours’ are between 11am and 8pm Pacific time Tuesday through Friday and you must show up with a solution-oriented outlook and a can-do attitude.

Clients receive copies of my Five Things Method Planner, the Five Things Method Marketing Planner, and membership in The Rebel Accountability Crew.

Subscribe for just $250/month. Cancel anytime. No long-term contracts.