Energy + Insight Reading

Sometimes you want more than just a reading or energy work yet don't need on-going support. . .

That's where Energy + Insight comes in!

Every once in a while on my personal FB profile and in various groups I belong to, I offer this thing where I post “ask my anything and I’ll give you a boost of my special brand of healing energy and any special messages that might come through for you." They’re so fun! And always so magical and illuminating.

These reports go a bit deeper than the quickie posts I put up here on FB.

I'll tune into your question, ask your guides for any messages, energetically clear anything that needs releasing so that you can receive your desires, then send you a full report on the intuitive messages that came in for you.

You can ask me anything -

  • If you need healing (physical, emotional, mental, whatever)
  • If you need clarity on an idea or direction in life or biz
  • If you feel like you're just missing something
  • Feeling stuck or lost

Whatever IT is for you, we'll dive in and get it sorted.
It's one of my client's favorite offers.

Here's how it works:

You send me your question/situation that want you clarity, insight and support around and I tune-in to the energy, clear anything that needs clearing, move any energy that needs to be moved, listen for any messages your guides might wish to share with you, and asses your next steps.

Then, I write up a detailed report about the clearing, the messages I received (if any) and give you action steps you can take to move forward. I'll email you the PDF report within a few days after purchase (except weekends/holidays). Once you receive your report, you have 7 days of unlimited email/Voxer support to help you work through anything that comes up.

One time reading, report + attunement: $49

Your personal Energy + Insight includes:

  • Intuitive energetic insight into your question/situation/idea

  • My special brand of loving energetic healing attunement

  • Any personal messages that may come through for you from your guides and spirit

  • Your brief, personalized roadmap to help you navigate and receive your desires for the next 90 days and beyond

Single Reading, Report & Attunement


You'll receive an intuitive energetic insight into your question

My special brand of loving energetic healing attunement

A written report with your insights, messages, and roadmap

One full week of unlimited email (or Voxer) support

Any available discounts will be applied at checkout

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