The perfect app for all your writing needs

I love Evernote. It’s one of my favorite apps. Ever. Kinda like Apple stuff, it just works. Plus it syncs on all of my devices – tablet, phone, desktop computer, laptop. Everything. Everywhere. And I like that.

In addition to being able to write notes, blog posts, letters, emails and anything else I want to write in it, I can save screenshots (via their Skitch tool), save clips from the web including PDF’s and other docs as well as emails, office docs and file attachments. AND I can even create lists and spreadsheets when I need them. It also has tons of integrations – IFTTT, Zapier, UberConference, Pocket, Mailplane (another one of my absolute fav, must-have apps) and many more.

Why don’t I just use the Apple Notes app?

Well, one very particular reason – it doesn’t support tags. And I find it easier to tag things for search purposes than relying on keywords. PLUS – I can share notes or even whole notebooks with anyone I want simply and easily with Evernote. There’s also a built-in chat which makes collaborating with others super easy.

Evernote simply keeps everything I need clean and organized.

What else does Evernote do?

  • Turns notes into presentations (VERY handy!)
  • Annotate PDF’s
  • Scan and digitize biz cards
  • Scan and digitize hand-written notes on regular paper (they’re even content searchable!)
  • Record voice notes
  • Drag and drop anything onto a new note to save it for later

Simply put – Evernote is a powerhouse!

Affiliate link – Get Evernote here.

Also, look for my full review about HOW I actually configure and use Evernote for all my writing and more coming soon.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear if you like it as much as I do!

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