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Expand what you know

You don’t need more information

So many people are on information overload and don’t even know it. There is so much information thrown at us every day, all day long and while our brains do a good job of filtering things out, it’s not really enough because we seem to have this insatiable desire to “learn.”

Now, learning is great. Don’t get me wrong. Never stop learning.

What I’m saying, though, is this: 

USE the information you have learned. Don’t simply learn it and do nothing with it. 

Most of us get stuck in learning mode, in craving more information when what we really need to be doing is USING the information and the knowledge we already have.

Because the way to learn? Is to put that learning into practice. And the more you DO with the info you have, the broader the knowledge becomes.

See, we get tunnel vision if we just keep in learning mode and we don’t see that there is MORE beyond just where we are.

But if we USE that learning, our vision of it expands.

And that’s where the gold is.

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