You know, we often talk about all these these ideas in the ‘woo’ world. Like, ‘we’re spiritual beings having a human experience.’

And you know what? I’m kinda fed up that. . .

What if we just let ourselves BE human? Why do we have to trip it up with saying we’re ‘spiritual beings’ – as if that justifies it somehow.

And why do we feel the need to get back to that ‘spiritual being’ so heavily?

It just causes us pain and suffering.
It makes use feel like we’re not good enough.
And we miss the divine experience of living.

What if the answer to all of that is to simply BE HUMAN?

Ground yourself in the present.
Ground yourself in your human body.
Ground yourself in your own presence.

The best way to be a spiritual being having a human experience is to BE your human Self.

Fully LIVE your human life.
No holds barred.

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