The five questions every entrepreneur must ask

There are 5 questions every entrepreneur must ask themselves. In fact, they’re foundational questions one should ask regularly as things evolve and shift.

 Who am I?
 Where do I belong?
 What do I contribute?
 How did I get here?
 Where am I going?

I first started using these questions in my work with One Generation Peace Project and ultimately realized that ALL of the work I do – even strategy and productivity consulting – are based on these 5 questions.

At first glance, they seem unimportant, almost benign. But if you’re willing to look at them deeply, if you’re willing to look at them from the perspective of your business (because it is it’s own energy apart from you), interesting and amazing pathways will begin to show themselves to you.

In my next post, we’re going to dig into the 4th question – How did I get here? – because it’s the foundational piece of the whole series.

In fact, I wrote a guidebook a few years about The Fourth Question. If you’d like a copy, hit reply and let me know and I’ll send it to you.

Over the next few days, I’m going to talk about these questions right here with you and will carry on the conversation in my Facebook group, Rockstar Biz Club™.

Come join us!