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Part 3: Five questions entrepreneurs must ask

My grandson is turning 3 today!! I can hardly believe it!

And I have something special in honor of his birthday but first, here is –

Part 2 of the Five Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Ask series. . .

Last time, we talked about Question 4: How did I get here and why it’s the first question we dig into. This time, we’re talking about Question 5: Where am I going.

Where am I going is a big question. If you’re like most of my clients, you maybe only have an inkling about what that might be at this point. And that’s ok. However, it’s time to get totally clear on it because the other 3 questions really depend on it’s answer in order to truly create impact.

And if you’re like most of my clients, you are here right now on this planet to create some kind of impact through your work, but more importantly, through your BEING.

The thing is – and this is kind of a “chicken or the egg” thing ( you know – which came first?) you’ve got know where you’re going in order to know, trust, and become who you need to be in order to get there.

The first part of knowing where you’re going is knowing what you want, what you deeply desire, what you crave to have in your world. And WHY.

So, get out your journal or open a new document on your computer and make an extensive list of everything you want. Answer it according to these 5 areas:

  1. Life and personal development
  2. Family and relationships
  3. Health and wellness
  4. Spirituality
  5. Business

The second step in knowing where you’re going is knowing 2 things:

  • Your zone of genius, your superpower – in other words, the things you’re really good at and love doing
  • Your end game

And by the way – your end game, your purpose, and your reason why are almost always the same exact thing.

Now listen, your purpose isn’t some grandiose thing you need find. It’s not some big thing that someone needs to reveal to you.

You already have it. It’s already a part of you. You’ve had it in your knowing your entire life.

The problem is that as you’ve grown up, it’s been buried and covered and pushed down by all the other things you thought and/or were told you had to do or to be in order to succeed in life.

So, I want you to think about all the crazy dreams and ideas you had when you were a kid. What did you do? How did you play? What did you pretend to do or act out when you were playing?

For example, a client recently remembered her vision and mission on this planet when she thought back to her childhood and recalled memories of playing and imagining building a giant school on the front yard of her grandfather’s home.

She remembered being the teacher and teaching her students all about life and spirituality in addition to stuff like reading and writing and all that.

As we continued diving into this memory, she realized it was part of her purpose and her why in this lifetime.

And this isn’t the only time this same exact thing has happened in conversation with my clients. I can’t even count how many clients have dug that deeply during our session only to find the key they’ve been looking for all along.

THAT is my zone of genius – helping you decipher all the pieces you’ve got scattered about and make order out of the chaos.

Sometimes that means we discover your purpose, and other times that means we create a roadmap that helps you get from where you are right now to where you really want to go. Or both.

Which brings me to the special in honor of my grandson’s 3rd birthday. . .

The next 3 people who sign up for a full-day intensive with me will get it for the current price of the half day intensive (which is $895).

Just hit reply and we’ll talk details.

This offer is good through Friday OR once all 3 spaces have been claimed – whichever happens first.

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