The Whole Life
Business Planner


Where most businesses fail is not in planning, but in execution and implementation of that plan


Get your priorities straight

The Whole Life Business Planner Workshop is a video series designed to help you figure out what’s most important each day. You’ll learn strategies for time management, self care, productivity methods, setting goals and intentions, and much more.

Right now, for Cyber Monday, you can get The Whole Life Business Planner free AND you can get the Workshop for $97! It’s regularly $149 and $45 for the planner.

What people say

I’ve gotten more don in the past 90 day working with Annie than I did in the past 2 years combined!

Katie Kozlowski

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Workshop

  • Time Blocking

    A simple method for productivity

  • Five Things

    A simple method for to-do list management

  • Intentions

    An effective way to set goals

  • Results

    Understanding your end results & objectives

  • Priorities

    How to figure out what’s most important each day

  • Self-Care

    How to make room in your schedule for YOU

  • Language

    Why the words you use make a difference



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