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Focus on being

This week, I have one major thing on my mind and instead of giving you a snippet like I typically do with these weekly musings, we’re going to dive in deep. Ready?

It’s time to stop focusing on healing and start focusing on BEING.

Now, this might not be a popular opinion and that’s ok; I’m prepared to be the lone eagle.

If you’ve been around any ‘woo woo’ circles for any length of time or any self development work, you likely have heard that you need to ‘heal’ yourself – your emotions, your inner child, your childhood, your mindset, and any number of other things.

And it’s true – you should work on healing your traumas.

AND, healing is secondary. It can happen in an instant.

Your deeper focus, the one that will make all the difference in your life, in your business, in your mindset, in your healing. . .

Is to focus on your being.


WHO you BE.

From the inside, out.

Not just who youthinkyou are. Not just who youwantto be. And certainly not who others want you to be.

But who youARE.

What you stand for. What youlivefor.

Bring all of your desire, your thoughts, your wisdom, your light, your healing, your trauma, your darkness, your energy, your love, your honor, your strength, your weakness – bring it ALL -with you. EVERY part of you.

BE the center of your soul.

You are BOTH human AND divine, simultaneously. You are NOT part human and part soul. You are BOTH. And they are so entwined, you cannot tell where one begins and the other one ends.

Because there is NO separation.

There is no separation within you.

There is no separation outside of you.

You are ALL.

Focus on that.

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