The four stages of visionary leadership

We often do things that come so naturally to us, we don’t actually know what we really DO.

But thanks to one of my mentors who encouraged me to tune in deeply to my heart and soul and learn, over the past fews years, I’ve gotten rather adept at unravelling my processes as well as my client’s processes into tangible pieces that make sense. But I’d never really done the breakdown process with my coaching – until last night.

And something rather powerful emerged. . .

The four stages of creating a visionary life through leadership, magic and love that makes a powerful impact and changes the world


You wanna know the number 1 realization I’ve had about the Four Stages of Visionary Leadership?

Most people get stuck at stage 1. They never move beyond it. Because they don’t fully believe in themselves or their dreams. They let excuses rule. They let fears rule. Excuses and fears about what other people think and the fact that they might fail.

Those that move on to stage 2 get bogged in details. They never get beyond planning and thinking and learning. And while those are all fantastic, it’s not where their best efforts truly lie. It’s not the “end game” if you will. It’s not the mission. But they make it the mission because they overthink everything.

It’s a RARE person who moves on to stage 3.

And an even MORE rare person who arrives at stage 4.

And my mission on this planet is to help people get to stage 3 AND then stage 4.

So what exactly are stages 3 and 4?

Great question! But let’s talk about stages 1 and 2 first, ok? I’ll keep it short. . .

Stage One is about the DREAM. We have all one or two, at least. And many of us have more than that. The question here is which one lights you up like a million rays of sun? Do that one first. The DREAM stage is all about connection and ideas. Connection with god, your heart & soul and with others. It’s about relationship. It’s also about ideas and what they mean. It’s about your WHY. Here’s an interesting tip: your vision and your why are almost always the same. (Really, really think about that.)

Bottom line: Stage One is about the internal work and creating a solid foundation.

Stage Two is where we CREATE. We begin designing our roadmap and creating what that dream looks like. We get it down on paper. We do some research. CREATE is all about planning and learning and thinking. It’s not a “doing” stage. It’s an information stage where we gather what we need and dive deeper into what we desire. It’s an incredibly fun stage and a lot of people get lost here because we are all wired for creation. It’s exhilarating and exciting. We think it’s a “doing” stage, though, and we don’t often take enough breaks. Here’s a tip for Stage Two: rest. Build in break periods regularly and stick to them without fail.

Bottom line: Stage Two is about the deeper internal work and resting so that we can ready the foundation to truly start building.

Stage Three is EMBODY. This is the stage where we come fully into alignment with our deepest truth, with our heart & soul, with our innermost core. And it’s all about the outward expression of our dream and vision and mission for the world. It’s about integration and forward movement. Doing without doing. Yet being visible. By the way – most people think the being visible part is for stage 2 and that’s not true. It’s why a lot of us get tripped up. Being visible is crucial to Stage Three, however. It’s about knowing what we know so deeply, it’s ingrained into the very fiber of our being and has no option but to fully express itself through everything we do, be and say. Here’s a tip for Stage Three: rest more. But rest with intention. Allow your energy, your spirit, your guides and the Universe to work it’s magic while you rest.

Bottom line: Stage Three is about allowing the light and love of all the internal work to spill over into the world and light the way.

Stage Four is RISE. And it’s my favorite stage because it’s where all the internal and external work you’ve done collides into the tangible vision that you first conceived in Stage One and that you created in Stage Two. It’s about the physical manifestation of your vision. This is where empires are built. Where movements are started. It’s where true impact is made and you change the world. Here’s a tip for Stage Four: ground and breathe. Stay tuned into your heart & soul so you can RISE.

Bottom line: Stage Four is all about leadership, being and boldness.

Last night when I did the breakdown process of my coaching work, these Four Stages are what emerged. They’re the stages I’ve taken my clients through over the past few years, automatically without even knowing that’s what I was really doing. And it’s given me an even deeper roadmap for my vision – not only coaching, but for One Generation Peace Project too.

So in honor, and in light, of that, I’d love to offer you a super focused, magic-creating Breakdown Session to help you unravel your processes and systems that you do so naturally, you don’t even realize how – or maybe even what – you actually do.

And maybe you’re sitting there thinking “Why the hell should I care about my process when I don’t really need to? I mean, come on, Annie – I do what I do already. Why does my process matter?”

Well, there are a few reasons for that. . .

Knowing the actual process you use helps you refine and fine-tune when necessary. It helps you spot gaps that could be revised to make your work even more powerful. And it helps you streamline, innovate and connect deeper with your mission on this planet. Not to mention, it can help you create processes that are super aligned with your vision which then allows you to make an even more powerful and deeper impact.

This isn’t just about unravelling your processes though. . . it’s about going beyond that and into who you are, your greatest desires, your grandest visions and giving them the space they require to expand and integrate and come into being. It’s about embodying your vision so profoundly, you can fully RISE into your Legacy.

This is a unique 3-hour session that I’ve done dozens of times in the past 2 years that has allowed my clients to create new projects, new systems, new packages and programs and even entire businesses. It’s also helped my clients create new business models that have allowed them to make massive leaps that they might not have made so easily or so quickly otherwise.

If you want to do a breakdown process for your work, let’s do it! It’s a 3 hour session and the fee is $397. You can sign up here –

OR if you feel like you’re ready for the NEXT level, then let’s connect and see what happens. I’d love to take you on a journey where you genuinely make an impact that changes the world, now – TODAY. Send me an email via the contact form and let’s create a custom package just for you that rocks! ❤

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