If you’re working on or wondering about branding and color and all that good stuff, check out The Know It All Guide to Color Psychology in Marketing

I don’t ascribe to much in the way of astrology, though I do believe it definitely has merit and a basis in our lives. With the passing of Prince yesterday, I thought this article by Elizabeth Peru, who’s work I follow, is especially important right now – Why So Many Artistic Souls Are Leaving The Planet.

Since it’s come up in conversation multiple times with clients this week, here’s a very timely article about feeling like an imposter. Though it’s geared towards writers, the underlying aspect are all the same, regardless of what line of work you’re in.

Join my friend and colleague, Shawn Neff, and I next Wednesday April 27 at 10am Pacific Time on Blab for a conversation on redefining spirituality. Shawn and I will be sharing our insights and we’d love for you to join us. If you head to that link now, you can subscribe to the blab and you’ll get a notification when we go live so you don’t miss it.

And I’ll leave you this week with this – https://youtu.be/T9CPeUkkst4

Quick reminder – next week is my break week for April so no Friday Five on the 29th.

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