One of the things most business coaches and others will tell you is that you need to attract traffic to your website. But . . . how the hell do you that? Here are 7 Easy Blog Posts That Attract Massive Traffic.

If you’re using ConvertKit like I recommend, you’ll want to check out these Must See ConvertKit Hacks to help you get the most out of it.

Another thing most folks in the know will tell you is that you must build your list. Here’s a great article from Thrive Themes – Multi-Step Mastery: The New Way to Grow Your List 

You’ll want to check this video out if you’re hiring employees now or in the near future – Is Your Company Focusing on People Analytics? The workplace is evolving very rapidly right now, whether you all work in one location or remotely. And whether you’re hiring employees or not, I highly recommend you keep up on what’s happening in the world of work.

And just because it’s fun – need icons for your website or other projects? Check out FlatIcon. I just got a whole bunch of icons from them and they are awesome! (Icons are useful for more than just. . . well, icons, by the way.)

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