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Lots of different things from around the web this week so let’s dive in!

First this week is something completely different from the usual. My grandson is potty training and we’ve been looking for undies for him when a friend mentioned this Etsy shop.

I know a lot of people struggle with website stuff and although I do highly recommend WordPress, sometimes you just need something simple, maybe something to get your foot in the online space. In that situation, Google Sites is a great alternative. Simple, easy and totally free.

Also on the website front, if you’re looking for Knowledge Base, Wiki, or Support Ticket plugins for WordPress, you’ll want to check out this post from ColorLib.

Being in business for yourself is not always easy. Here’s a great article on what to do when your plans fail from none other than Tara McMullin (aka Tara Gentile).

Last this week from the New Yorker – The Art of Decision Making

And speaking of decision-making, I have something new coming up very soon tentatively titled The Definitive Guide to Making Intuitive Decisions for Your Life and Business.

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See you next week!

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