For the past several years, I’ve been downloading desktop wallpapers for my computer from these guys. I think I might start entering my own designs next month too. They’re totally free and fun! Check out Smashing Magazine’s Free Wallpaper Series. They publish them at the beginning of every month. You can get them with or without calendars for the month.

Need a thorough script for successful and confident sales? Check out The 6 Pillars of Effective Sales Conversations on the American Express Open Forum.

How about an inspiring podcast interview? Don’t miss Tara Gentile talk The Essential Entrepreneurial Mindset with Nilofer Merchant – author of The New How and 11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era (both good reads! Both book links are Amazon affiliate links).

You probably know I’m big on organization and there’s a big reason – when you’re organized – mentally AND physically – you can do more in less time. From the makers of my favorite editorial calendar, CoSchedule (affiliate link), here’s a great article on The Complete 16 Step Marketing Project Management Process That Will Get You Organized.

And if you haven’t seen it yet or missed my email Tuesday, I created a brand new resource for you on my website – totally free – with worksheets like 90 day plan sheets, master task lists, blog/newsletter planning sheets and more. There are currently 6 worksheets on the #DibsFreebies page and I’ll be adding more every week. And yes, these are things I actually use myself – that’s originally why I created them.

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