One of my favorite apps ever is now available as an iOS app. If you have an iPhone or iPad, check out Scrivener for iOS if you do any sort of writing. It is THE best writing platform on the planet. I’ve been using it since 2006.

When I travel, sometimes I don’t want to take my laptop but I want to be able to do things quickly and easily on my iPad and let’s be real – typing with an onscreen keyboard on an iPad isn’t fun. So, I’m always looking for a good stylus. The Pencil is the next one I’ll be testing out.

You probably know I’m a web developer. Ever wondered what it takes? Here’s a hands-on series at Know The Code using the ONLY WordPress theme framework I recommend – Let’s Build a Custom Developer’s Genesis Starter Child Theme.

Do you create products or want to create products for your business? Whether your product is a physical thing or a service-based product, you should read this article on How Users Understand New Products from the blog.

Need some accountability for something you’ve been putting off? Try this: Go Fucking Do It. And if you need a person to be your accountability partner, use me. Just put in my email – and I’d be happy to help you keep on track.


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