Friday Five: June 17, 2016

A brand new book is out from Steven Pressfield – Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t. If you’ve read his book, War of Art, you’ll definitely want to read this one.

Having trouble articulating exactly what you do? Check out this great article – How to Talk About What You Do So People ‘Get It’

If you are an affiliate for anything and you link to it from your website, here’s a great article on How to Cloak Affiliate Links (And Why You Should)

Just for fun today – The Five Most Famous Seattle Landmarks from TV Shows & Movies

And last this week is some news I’d like to share with you. . .

I’ve decided the time is right for me to stop offering one-to-one coaching. I’ll be ending it soon but before I do, I wanted to give you an opportunity to work with me. If you’re interested in what that might look like, please send me an email and we’ll setup a conversation for next week to see where it goes.

Even though that’s changing, I’ll still be here with you every week and there will be new services coming – retreats, workshops etc. – so look out for those in the months ahead.

And if you’ve been here a while, you know by now that next is my break week for June so no new emails and no Friday Five but I will be back the week of 27th. In the meantime, I wish you an amazing week and Happy Father’s Day.

xo ~Annie

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