How to be inspired without copying someone’s work over on The Layout at Flywheel has some fantastic info on getting into your own work and how to use the work of those you admire as inspiration the right way.

30 Days of Genius with Chase Jarvis on CreativeLive – There are some simply amazing interviews over here with people like Richard Branson, Marie Forleo, Seth Godin (really, really good one!!), Gabby Bernstein and many more.

Here is a great video with Lewis Howes on the Power of Masterminds. I have been a part of Mastermind groups for over 10 years now and I owe a lot of my successes to that power.

Another good interview with Gary Vaynerchuk on Unemployable about Playing the Long Game.

You’ll love this one if you use Evernote for everything like I do – Google Drive now integrates with Evernote. This could be really amazing!

If you check out only ONE thing on this list, do yourself, your life and your business a favor and check out the 30 Days of Genius with Chase Jarvis.

xo ~Annie


PS – the book I co-authored, Beyond the Woman, is still at #1 on Amazon!! The $1 price has been extended through TODAY (it goes up to $7 tomorrow) so if you haven’t gotten your copy, go do it now! And give them as gifts to women in your life you know who need some inspiration. AND – I’m happy to share – it’s coming out THIS SUNDAY May 22 in paperback!!! It’ll be $14.99, I believe. Go grab your Kindle copy here today – – and check it out Sunday for the paperback.

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