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Welcome to the October 7 edition of the Friday Five!

Wide variety of stuff this week. . . have fun!

Skybox Creative is a cool site where you can find graphics, vectors and Photoshop add-ons at great prices. Here’s a really cool Sacred Geometry Bundle (and it’s 50% off right now!). There are some freebies on the site too. Check it out!

Creating Amazon Stores is pretty popular lately – and for good reason! Who doesn’t want to earn a little cash for sharing things they love? If you’re on WordPress and are considering jumping into this, try AmazonSimpleAdmin. It’s free. There are paid plugins as well and I may talk about a few of them later (after I test them!) so watch out for that coming soon too.

The folks at Rainmaker.FM recently put out a great podcast episode on How to Build an Online Education Business. If you’re considering creating courses and other content, listen in. There’s so much great info! And it’s only 30+ minutes long.

Also, fun tip – I’ve come across many people lately who don’t know these 2 tricks and I had no idea they weren’t common knowledge. First, did you know on most (not all, but most) audio and video players, you can adjust the speed? Yep! Just click the little gear icon (or something similar) and you have choices for playback speed. I listen to most things at 1.5x. So a 30 minute audio/video, takes about 20 minutes.

Second, on many videos, you can adjust the quality as well. That’s often done in the same space (under the gear icon) where you adjust the speed. If you’re having issues with the video starting and stopping or you just want to save some bandwidth, you can adjust the quality and that usually will help.

Need some inspiration this week? Head over to Huffington Post and read 21 Amazing Online Entrepreneurs. Some of whom I’m sure you’ll recognize!

Last this week, and the only affiliate link here – check out this new book Invisible Genius: The Intuition Secrets of the World’s Greatest Leaders and How to Profit From Them. It’s available on Kindle for $7.87 or for free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

Have a fantastic weekend, Rockstar! And I’ll see you again soon.

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