Can you believe it’s already September?! OMG! The summer flew by TOO fast!

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got for you this week. Enjoy. . .

You probably know that online learning is a multi-million dollar industry, right? And in many cases, you can take college level courses for free (or very cheap). Here are 2 great resources this week for you:



I have enrolled in courses on both platforms and they’re both pretty good offerings. Go check them out if there’s something new you’d like to learn.

Also, go check out what some of today’s most innovative radicals and visionaries are up to: from Entrepreneur Mag

Many of you have businesses still in the early stages. Here’s an article on personal branding that could be helpful: Instant Authority: 5 Strategies for Launching a Personal Brand from Nothing

And last this week, is an affiliate link for a system I just started using in the past few months that beats everything else on the market by a mile. It can replace literally a dozen other systems that you might already be using like LeadPages, MailChimp, an affiliate program and more. If you use any of those or are thinking about getting something like LeadPages, I highly recommend you check out Click Funnels first.

Why? Because Click Funnels is just way more user friendly, even for a techie, web developer like me. And that means, it’s more user friendly for all of you non-techies out there too. And they offer a free 14-day trial. You can’t beat it.

I’ll see you next week! Enjoy your weekend.

Oh, by the way – if you missed the special email I sent yesterday, check your inbox. The subject line is “Do you want to know how to skyrocket your dreams?”

I only sent it to a handful of people because right now, there are some special bonuses included. But when I do the full launch on September 6th, those bonuses go away and I’d really love for you to get in on it.

Or if you don’t want to dig around your inbox, here’s the link to my offer:

Ok, NOW. . . enjoy your weekend!

xo ~Annie

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