Illuminate Your Legacy


You are here on earth in this time and space because you have a mission, a vision that only you can do. One that requires your unique abilities and talents and gifts. A legacy that only you can fulfill. You have a vision that requires your stories, your thoughts, your desires, your energy.

Now, there are two types of missions on this planet: personal missions and global missions. Yours might be a personal mission. It might be a global mission. Either one is totally ok. There is no right or wrong answer. Both are equally important. Both are impactful and very much needed.

Although the majority of my work revolves around those with global missions, my intent for this mini guide is to speak to both because this guidebook isn’t about your mission or vision – it’s about your Legacy – which may be the same, but is probably different.

And let’s be clear – your Legacy is not just what you leave behind when you die. It’s who you ARE while you’re living. It’s the impact you make upon those whose lives you touch with your love, your presence and your dreams.

In my work with leaders and visionaries, I’ve uncovered Three Elements of Legacy which is what we are going to talk about in this mini guide:

1: YOUR HEART – who you are
2: YOUR MISSION – what you stand for
3: YOUR INFLUENCE – what you leave behind

Because the bulk of creating your legacy and embodying your vision lies in your mission, the most emphasis will be on building Element 2 – what you stand for.

Realize this guide is not a definitive book on creating legacy – simply an introduction. If you’d like to go more in depth, reach out and connect with me. I’d be happy to have a conversation with you about your needs and desires.