The 5th Question: Where Am I Going?

The 5th Question: Where Am I Going?


Hey Annie – Why aren’t we starting with The First Question. . . umm, first?

Yes, it’s called The Fifth Question and you’re in the right place. 🙂 But you might be wondering why we’re starting in what seems like an odd place. And that’s a fair question.

Well, let’s start at the beginning. . .

When I began developing my workshops for One Generation Peace Project, I realized that everything I did in my work as a coach, healer and even as a designer, stemmed from three questions: Who am I?, Where do I belong? And What do I contribute? I realized that these questions are central to everything in our lives.

We want to know ourselves. We want to feel like we belong and like we matter. And we often want to feel and know that we’re doing meaningful work in the world.

But the more I listened, the more I tuned in to my intuition, the more I felt into my own self, my own contribution, I understood that there are really FIVE questions that help us along this path of growth and expansion. So, along came number four – How did I get here? And number five – Where am I going?

And again, the more I leaned in to my path and my expansion, the more I came to know that when we get to THIS place – the place of feeling like there must be something more, the deeper I knew that where we are going is the key to all of it.

Because when we feel like we don’t KNOW what’s happening, when we feel lost and misunderstood and unheard, we stay stuck in the rut of where we are. We never move forward, our lives are in chaos and yet we’re desperate for something different. Something more.

I’ve found that when we get in touch with our deepest desires, when we feel into the truth of our core being and we know and trust the path we’re on, things become easier. More fluid. Lighter. And from that place, we can take a look at all of the other questions and face them head-on. We can face our fears.

So, what about the other questions?

Once we’ve grounded ourselves in the here and now by discovering what we really, really, really want and discovering our inner-most truth and we’ve gotten a sense of that meaningful work we’re here to do, we’re ready for the other questions.

In fact, the other thing you should know is that The Fourth Question comes next. And THEN the other three questions. Seems backwards, I know. But trust me – it’s absolutely the right order.

What is the aim of The Fifth Question?

The aim of The Fifth Question is to get you off the rollercoaster. To get you focused and provide some direction so you’re not wandering aimlessly around while trying to figure everything else out.

By the end of The Fifth Question, you will have a sense of purpose, you will know your soul direction and have the beginnings of a roadmap to get you from here to there.

And then, if you want to learn more, you can join me in The Fourth Question: How Did I Get Here? digital course or you can take one of the Redesign Your Inner Landscape: Three Questions to Making a Positive Impact Through Love, Purpose and Freedom workshops. Details for both of those and other services are at the end of this guide.

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