Where Am I Going? The Fifth Question

Chapter Three

Where do I really want to go?

Let’s take a look at the big picture. We’re going to look out into the future and define where you really want to go and then we’re going to create a roadmap to get you there.

Not that your vision ever really ends – in fact, the more you lean into it, the more it will expand – but just for a moment, visualize out into the future and ask yourself what the end result of your vision is. The clues are in your why and in your one-line statement.

For me, that is peace in One Generation. So, the end result is world peace. Here are some questions to help you get there:

  • What does my vision really look like? If I could have this look like anything, what would really light me up? What would have me waking up every morning so excited to get out of bed?
  • What do I really, really want from it? How do I want to feel? How do I want others to feel?

I highly recommend you grab your journal if you want to and write it all out. Be specific AND don’t censor yourself in any way. Write whatever comes out. Let it flow. Remember, whenever you’re working on something to come from that space of your inner-most core that we discovered in the exercise in Chapter One.

Another exercise that’s incredibly fun which I often have my clients do and that might be great for you too is this:

Get out all of your art supplies – crayons, markers, pens, paper – and create a mind- map of sorts. Write your feeling from the chapter one exercise in the center and then write down snippets of whatever other words or phrases come to you. Draw. Color. Paint. Whatever. As with everything else, don’t censor whatever comes up. Just play and have fun!

Create a roadmap

In your journal and your artwork, you’ll find clues as to the points along the path. You’ll also find clues as to the services and products you can provide which we’ll get to in the next chapter where we’ll tie everything together.

Right now, I want you to take a look at your writing and art and begin sorting out the ideas and thoughts you had about what the vision looks like. You can begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is the ONE thing I can focus on that will allow all of the other parts to come into alignment? If I could focus on one thing, what could I focus on that would simply create everything else and have each piece fall into place effortlessly?
  • What is one step I can take today or this week?
  • Who can I reach out to to help me or work with me? Who can I reach out to with questions I might have? Who can I ask for support?
  • What research do I need to do? Where can I find these resources? Who might know or have suggestions? Who is doing similar work?

And the most important question of all:

  • Who do I need to BE?

Part of fulfilling your vision and mission on this planet is embodying the message you’re here to deliver. If your vision isn’t an energetic stretch for you, if it’s not out of your comfort zone, it’s too small. Dig deeper.

Listen – you cannot fulfill your true purpose on this earth if you are playing small.

It is time to RISE UP and take the RISK.

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