Where Am I Going? The Fifth Question

Chapter Four

Tie it all together

We’ve covered a lot of ground in just a short period of time! If you’ve worked through this entire guide so far in one sitting, I encourage you to take a break now. Let it sit for a day or two before continuing.

There is magic in the silent spaces. There is magic in resting. Let things integrate. Come back to this section when you’ve allowed yourself some space. New nudges and thoughts will often come out of this integration period.

Ok! Ready to dive back in? Great!

By this point in the guide, you should know what you really want, your true purpose on this planet, your vision and your why. You’ll also have your one-line statement and will have started creating a roadmap based on the big picture.

But before we get into putting everything together, I want to take a few minutes to talk about some things that may be coming up for you.

Often when we do expansive work like this, our deep-seated fears will come to the surface. Things like feeling inadequate. Or feeling unworthy. Or feelings of fraud. We may think we’re not good enough to do this work. We may think the Universe has it all wrong, that we’re not the right person for this vision. We may think we’ve misinterpreted our inner-knowing, the intuitive nudges we’ve received.

Let me assure you – none of those are true.

AND… let me tell you – I am totally not immune to those thoughts and feelings. I still have moments where I question everything! Sometimes I even call up my coach or someone in my inner circle and tell them I’m considering walking away from this mission. It’s fucking huge! It can be overwhelming! And sometimes I want to throw up just a little. I want to run away and hide and pretend I am NOT the one who is here to bring One Generation Peace Project to life.

Then when I check in with myself, I KNOW the truth: it IS me. My job is to TRUST the path. TRUST the nudges I am given. Follow the steps as they unfold before me. It is NOT my job to know the how. The how is solely up to the Divine. And when I begin feeling like I cannot possibly do this, it’s my clue that I am worried about the how. When that happens, I take a step back and remember my job is to TRUST: the Universe and myself. It will all unfold perfectly when I do.

What can I create?

Listen to the nudges you receive and when you get one, write it down. Please know two things: you can never lose an idea and you don’t have to act on every single one right this minute.

So, write them down. Let them simmer a little while. Lean into each one you receive. Let them grow and expand. Some of them you WILL absolutely be led to create right now. And some of them will come at another point. Know that you do not have to know all of the details. Hell, you don’t even need to know ANY of the details! That, too, is the Universe’s job.

And when it’s YOUR turn to know the details, TRUST that you will know.

The truth is: you can create anything you want. All you have to do is make the choice.

If you have several things coming in and they all feel urgent, I encourage you to do what I mentioned earlier in this guide: feel into each of them and decide which one you can focus on that will allow everything else to fall into place.

You cannot make a wrong choice.

But having said that – you will instantly know in your gut if it’s not the right one. Remember how I said fear will make you contract and your inner-knowing will feel expansive, even if it feels scary? Well, that’s the same thing here.

When you make a choice, if your body feels tight and restricted, make another choice. It really is that simple! The choice that is right for you right now will make you feel expansive and open. It will actually feel like a relief – EVEN IF it scares you shitless.

Listen – we can overcomplicate things. It’s what society has taught us to do. And there is another way to show up in life and in the world. Let it be easy.

It’s ALL your choice.

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