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If you’ve known me for longer than about the last 9 or 10 years, you probably know this. . .

I was the executive assistant, transaction coordinator and lead trainer for a pretty well-known real estate investor whom I worked with for about 6 years.

Not only did I do the majority of the research for the properties, I handled a lot of the paperwork for them, too. I also handled the admin and customer service support for the training programs he ran.

When I say I’ve done it all, I’m not joking. And it’s one of the reasons my clients trust me to help them connect all the dots that will help them get from where they are now to where they really want to be.

Part of the reason I can do all of that is my unique ability to see both the big picture AND the details at the same time.

And I’m 100% committed to helping people figure out the stuff that’s going on for them.

We can talk strategy, productivity, spirituality, tapping into your big dreams, following your intuition, web design or whatever else you want support with.

That’s why I’ve opened up my schedule for what I’m calling “Troubleshooting Sessions.” We’ll jump on Zoom where you will get hands-on support for 45 minutes.

I have several spaces still open for next week if you want one. I’ve posted the scheduling link below. Just click it, schedule your call and let’s get you moving forward!

I’m here for you!


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Annie Anderson

Coach + Visionary + Productivity Strategist + WP Code Hacker + Peace Warrior + Cat Lover + Mom + Gramma + Sis.