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How my work is changing

A while back, I decided two specific things about my work and the pathway forward.

Now, I consider myself a ‘woo woo’ type person. However, I have some friends and clients who often say to me that I’m only one ‘woo’ because I have a very strong practical bent to most things.

And though I weave that ‘woo woo’ magic and energy into what I do, it’s not the gateway. It’s not the forefront of that work.

Yet, it’s not really a by-product of it, either. It’s not an afterthought. And I’ve struggled with the question of where does it fit in?

For the past few years I have tried to bring it closer to the front and to work from that angle – a more spiritually driven and prevalent angle.

But as I’ve been refining things in recent weeks, it’s clear to me that I don’t need it to be at the front.

Like I said above, it’s something I naturally weave into what I do. It’s the thread that binds all the things together in the way I work.

It just IS. And it’s the language I use. It’s the way I connect with people. It’s how I operate as a whole.

There is no front. No angle. No by-product. It’s always there – whether I am conscious of it or not. There’s no separation from the work. It’s the very fabric of that work.

Instead of stressing over how to integrate these two seemingly very different aspects of my work – spirituality with both productivity strategy AND web design – because they already ARE integrated, I’m letting that go.

And so I’ve come to two conclusions. . .

One is that I’m rebuilding my web design agency over the next several months. It’s been just me for the past handful of years and I’m ready to go full tilt with the niche I’ve come to know and love. . .

Building courses and membership sites for my clients on the WordPress platform. I’ve built several over the past 5-6 years and truly find it enjoyable.

I’ll still do new websites and website rebuilds but my main focus is now on helping my clients create their courses and building their websites for that.

And the second piece is coaching. I’m definitely going to continue do that! It’s burned into my soul! I can’t NOT do it.

My main focus there will continue to be operations and productivity strategy.

Of course, magic and badassery will be woven into all of it as always.

So, stay tuned for all the goodness that is to come! I have some blog posts and articles and videos and all kinds of things up my sleeve.

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