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Yesterday I spent the day watching Netlfix, playing with my kitties AND. . .

I created a quick freebie based on the thing I call The Rule of Four. . .

If you’ve been around a while or have worked with me, you probably know what it is. If not, here it is:

People often ask me how I know something is for me, how I know what projects to work on, what things are right, right now.

Well, I ask myself 4 questions, hence The Rule of Four, and it goes like this:

First, I ask these 2 questions:

1. Will it move my business forward?
2. Will it move my life forward?

If I get a YES to both of those questions, I move on to the next 2 questions. If either of those questions is a NO, that’s it! Stop. It’s not the right thing right now.

So, if you get 2 yeses, ask these 2 questions:

3. Is it true to me?
4. Is it loving?

Again, if you get a no, stop! That’s it. Table it for later. If you get a yes to both of these, and thus to all 4 questions, then go for it!

Anyway, I created a quick one-page cheat sheet for you. You can download it here –

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