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15 or so years ago when design was my primary endeavor, I was pursued by both Disney Studios and Adobe to join their design teams.

I turned down both jobs because they would have required me to uproot my family and relocate to another state. And due to my son’s autism diagnosis, I wasn’t prepared to do that at the time.

Prior to Disney and Adobe, I was also courted by Wizards of the Coast and Humongous Entertainment (both right here in Seattle), among others.

And I’m sure had I jumped at any of those opportunities, I could surely have made a name for myself in the gaming and/or animation markets.

But that’s not where not my heart was. It’s still not.

What feels good and right and true for me is helping leaders, visionaries, change-makers, lightworkers, and big dreamers create illuminating brands and websites that allow them to make the impact they’re here to make.

And that’s still true today.

So, if you or someone you know fits that description and is looking to build or redesign their website, get in touch. I’m bringing design work back to the forefront and have 2 spaces open this month.

You can use the Contact form to connect or head over to my newly reactivated and revised design website for more info.

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Annie Anderson

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