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What’s on the table for mid-winter and spring

So, after months of personal stuff like losing my former father in law, then Nathan breaking his arm and having surgery, then losing my former mother in law and all sorts of other things, I’m ready to jump back in 100% to all the things I’ve set aside over the past 6 months.

Which includes webdesign and coaching and book writing and moving forward with the next phase for One Generation Peace Project.

It’s a whole new level and way of doing things for me and that means, I get to bring all that goodness to YOU too.

We’re going to go deep into you and your business. And then, we’re going to go wide.

AND it’s all going to be even more fun and more amazing. For me, for you, AND for your mission.

Take advantage of the webdesign special: $1200. Your site built or redesigned on WordPress using the rock-solid Genesis Framework.

Or take advantage of one-to-one coaching: $1800 for 90 days of support with unlimited email/Voxer access and weekly calls.

You’ll find all the details for both offers on the Current Open Offers page.

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