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Full New Moon Rituals V1 1

The Full Moon Ritual

The Full or New Moon Ritual is a super simple ceremony that consists of two parts. . .

Part one is the day before the full moon and is a releasing and cleansing ceremony where we release anything that is holding us back or taking up space and then cleanse the space and energy.

Part two happens on the evening of the full moon and is a manifestation ceremony where we call in what we want over the next 30 days.

All you do is set your intention, share (privately with me) what you want to release and cleanse along with what you want to manifest, and I do the rest.

Your only job is to be still, relax, rest, and drink plenty of water.

The New Moon Ritual

Part one, like the full moon ritual, is the day before the new moon and consists of creating an affirmation, visualizing, and journaling what you want. You’ll do this part on your own. (It can be done at any time, but the day before is best).

Part two is on the evening of the full moon and is where I light a candle, mediate and help enhance your intentions. I will draw a collective card from one of my tarot or oracle decks and then share that message with you.

Sometimes I receive specific messages for participants, and if I do get a message for you, I will relay it to you within 24 hours after part two of the ritual.

The Fee 

There are two payment options for Moon Rituals:

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Note that Option 1 is NOT a subscription and you are purchasing only ONE ritual.

Option 2: Subscribe to ALL Moon Rituals (there are 2 per month – 1 for the full moon and 1 for the new moon). Choose the Monthly Moon Ritual subscription below, make your payment, then fill out the short form on the next page.

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