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My intentions for 2020

Every year, I choose 5 words that represent my intentions for the coming year. Here are my intentions for 2020. I hope my list of intentions inspires you!


My word for the year. It means “to up lift” and it’s my reminder to always rise to a higher level. My reminder that to love is to uplift. It’s also about mastery and raising my vibration, my energy regardless of what’s going on around me. And more importantly, it’s also my reminder to elevate others, to uplift them, to advocate for them, and support them. Because that is my mission on this planet.


Because this life thing takes a fucking village. For me, it means to include and engage; to connect, to build strong affiliations with like-minded people and a strong presence, not just for me, but for One Generation Peace Coalition. It’s time for bold alliances and a bolder commitment to love, truth, and freedom.


Meaning “independent of outside authority.” Autonomous. To be unlimited, guiding, effective. To be true to myself, to my vision, to my mission. It’s why I have the words “be true” tattooed on my arm – a reminder that I am my own authority and I must do what feels right and true for myself and my family.


It’s a word with two-fold meaning: health and wealth. It means “good health and/or fortune” and it’s my reminder that this one thing influences all else in my world and the world around me. I can’t be who I need to be if I’m not physically, mentally, and financially healthy. My intention is to significantly increase wealth and long-term investments.


My secondary word for the year. And it’s my reminder that I can do anything I set my heart and mind to. I can overcome any obstacle and figure out solutions to any problems that may arise. It’s my reminder to trust my intuition and know that I have the answers I need at any moment.

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