With so much intense energy the past few days, it feels like the right time to to share:

For the past several years, I’ve been doing these cool. . . hmmm. . . energy readings? Intuitive readings? Something like that! It’s a full in-depth report complete with energetic support, clearing and attunement plus a week of email support to help you as things come up.

I have also occasionally offered “mini” readings for free here and in groups I belong to.

It’s become my most popular offer.

Today I’m announcing the Energy + Insight Series

Not only do you get the initial in-depth report, complete with action steps and information just for you, and the initial energy clearing/attunement. . .

You also receive 6 weeks of energetic clearing and support and email support as you integrate and process.

I’m offering a “flash sale” on this new 6 week series between now and Sunday for just $108. After that, it’s going to it’s regular price of $216.

If you want more info, check out the Energy + Insight Reading page.

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