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My Only Job is Love

Originally written for One Generation Peace Project on December 31, 2014.

I’ve been contemplating this post for days. Knowing it was coming and opening myself up to receive it. And I had no idea what I was really going to write about. . . until I sat down.

What struck me just now as I sat down to write this is how things seem to be accelerating. Both the rise for peace and the shift towards compassion. . . and the rise of violence and fear and discrimination.

There is no reason ANYONE should feel discrimination or fear or prejudice or inequality or violence in 2015.


The other day when I told my coach that I didn’t feel like 2014 had turned out the way I wanted it to, one of the other things I said to her was it seemed like I had failed at everything I’d done.

Now, I’m not perfect. I fail all the time. More often than I’d like to admit. And I sure as hell don’t have all the answers. And even so, I know one thing for sure. . .

My only job is love.

And nothing else.

To be guided by love. To walk in love. To BE love.

If I have loved even in the face of anger,
If I have loved even if the face of fear,
If I have loved even in the face of hatred,
And in the face of prejudice and inequality and injustice. . .

If I have walked in love, been guided by love, if I have let love flow through me even when I feel least like loving. . .

Then I have not failed.

I used to think loving someone was too risky. That putting myself out there and loving someone else – or even myself – was just asking for heartbreak and disappointment. I kept my heart and my love very guarded. Rarely letting it out. Rarely letting it all the way in. And as a result, nobody could really love me.

See, love is a gift of the heart. And when you love yourself first, you have the strength of heart and mind to give that love to someone else.

When you are guided by love, you can’t fuck things up.

My coach and I were talking on New Year’s Eve and she said with regard to some recent things that she’s watched me shrink back instead of really standing up.

So, I’m challenging myself for 2015 to not shrink back. I am challenging myself to stand up, to stand out, to be seen and to be heard regardless of fear. Regardless of what anyone might think. Regardless of what I might think.

For too many years, I’ve hid behind my flaws and insecurities. For too many years, I let circumstance dictate my direction. And if 2014 taught me anything, it’s that in rising up to the calling of my soul, walking through fire to get to the place where I am at one with my mission, RISK is all there is.

And within that risk, lies MAGIC. Within that risk, lies MIRACLES.

Within that risk, lies PEACE.

I believe with all of my heart and soul that we can change the tide of violence on this planet in One Generation. We can create a world of peace and love in One Generation. We can heal the entire planet in One Generation.

The world is so ready for change. For TRUE leadership. For love and for peace. We are ready for learning a new way to BE in life and in the world. And TOGETHER – as ONE – we can change the tide around the globe.

And it’s time to stop merely talking about it.

Peace is not something we DO. . . it is something we BE. And it comes from WITHIN each of us. It comes from our hearts. From our souls. And when we ALL stand together through this deep sense of harmony, when we each embody the very idea of TRUE, LOVING, OPEN connection, it will create ripples across the planet like nothing else.

A tidal wave of peace.
A tidal wave of love.

I’m talking about taking this vision into our lives – LIVING IT, BREATHING IT – and doing something with it. . . shifting the way we live and relate to each other and to the world. Rising up and taking a stand for what we know will bring peace.

And because I believe in my mission and my vision so deeply, I’m changing the way I work next year. If it doesn’t impact and help spread One Generation Peace Project like wildfire, I’m not doing it. EVERYTHING I do will move OGPP forward. From one-on-one coaching to retreats to workshops, it’s all about igniting the vision and sharing it far and wide.

We’ve created a system that says it’s ok to settle because everybody does it. And I want MORE for our world – for our future generations – than that.

I want kids to grow up knowing they’re loved. Knowing they’re supported. Knowing they matter. I want kids to grow up believing in their dreams and their ideals and in their community. Trusting. Loving. Open. Honest.

I want kids to grow up in a world without war and violence.

Is that too much to ask?

No. It’s the ONLY question to ask.

Because if there’s one thing I know, it’s that. . .

LOVE is always the answer. <3


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