I’ll be posting the 2nd Guidebook by the end of this week!

Where Am I Going? The Fifth Question

This Guidebook is based on my Five Questions work that I do as part of my work with One Generation Peace Project. It dives into one of the fundamental questions that is central to everything in our lives.

We want to know ourselves. We want to feel like we belong and like we matter. And we often want to feel and know that we’re doing meaningful work in the world.

The more I leaned into my path and my expansion, the more I came to know that when we get to THIS space – the space of feeling like there must be something more, the deeper I knew that where we are going is the key to all of it.

Because when we feel like we don’t KNOW what’s happening, when we feel lost and misunderstood and unheard, we stay stuck in the rut of where we are now. We never move forward, our lives are in chaos and we’re desperate for something different. Something more.

So, stay tuned and if you’re not already, get on the mailing list and I’ll let you know when it’s ready to read.

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