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New Guidebooks for 2019

One of my objectives for 2019 is to write one Guidebook per month, similar to the guidebooks I’ve written over the past few years and offered as content upgrades to my subscribers.

This year, though, I’m going to do it differently. . .

Instead of writing and publishing a new PDF Guidebook every once in a while, I’ll be writing a comprehensive Guidebook post right here on the website that anybody can read without even having to subscribe!

Within the next few weeks, you’ll notice a new ‘Guidebooks’ link in the site navigation menu. Just click the link and it will take you to an archive of all Guidebook posts – similar to how the blog functions.

Then, just click the one you want to read!

If there’s a subject you’d like a comprehensive guide to cover, let me know!

I will be publishing the first one very soon.

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