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You may purchase more than one item from this page but know that quantities are limited and when they're gone, they're gone. These offers are open until I decide to pull them or until they're gone, whichever comes first.

Reg. $2200 | SALE $1800

Basic WordPress Website Build

First, we'll jump on Zoom to talk about your design needs and requirements then we'll get to building!

Basic WP site builds include: a Genesis Child Theme installed and customized for YOU and your brand plus any plugins you'll need installed and configured properly.

We will create a maximum of 5 pages for your site. Typically, this means your homepage, blog, contact, services, and about pages.

You MUST provide your own logos, graphics, images, hosting plan, domain name, and any website copy we will be using.

If you require any of the above items and do not yet have them, we can add those services on. Just let me know when you order the base package and I'll send you an invoice for the additional fee(s).

This offer is NOT for product based (e-commerce) sites, membership sites, course sites, or other atypical builds.

There are 2 spaces open for WP website builds.  There is one space left!

Reg. $2700 | SPECIAL $1800

Quantum Expansion

Quantum Expansion might be the right thing for you if you're ready for support in for all facets of your life - business, life, spirit - and how they work together to create your vision and legacy.

But don't be fooled -- this 90 day coaching package is designed to help you make magical leaps forward. It's not a cookie cutter program.

In fact, none of my programs are. Everything is designed around YOU and your needs in this moment.

We'll meet every week for 90 minutes and dig deep so you can move forward through whatever you require today.

AND because I know the deepest integration often happens in the hours AFTER a session, you'll receive follow-up email and/or Voxer support for the full 90 days.

Which means, if anything comes up during that time, all you have to do is send me an email and we'll delve into it together.

There are a total of 5 Quantum Expansion spots open.  There are 2 spots left!

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