Welcome to the Circle of Light

A monthly energy circle is a group of individuals who come together to support one another on their spiritual journeys. The purpose of an energy circle is to create a safe and sacred space where members can explore and deepen their connection to the divine, while also receiving support and guidance from others in the community.

Our circle is a space where you can connect with like-minded people and deepen your spiritual practice. We gather monthly via Zoom (so you can join us no matter where you are) to explore a variety of activities and rituals that promote healing and growth. Our monthly meetings are centered around themes like love, abundance, and gratitude, and always end with a fun dance party to raise the vibrations.

In addition to the monthly gatherings, we offer a variety of clearing rituals like smudging, meditation, and journaling to help you release negative energy and beliefs that no longer serve you. Our private community discussion and support create a safe and nurturing space for you to share your experiences, insights, and challenges with the group, and receive love and support from the Circle of Light.

As a member of the Circle of Light, you'll have access to a private group, email newsletters, and one-on-one support from our spiritual mentor or coach. These resources will help you stay connected with the community and provide additional guidance and support on your spiritual journey.

So, if you're looking for a fun and lighthearted way to connect with a supportive and loving community while deepening your spiritual practice, then the Circle of Light is the perfect place for you!

How it works


Each week, we do a remote ritual - smudging, meditation, energy clearing, or whatever feels like the collective energy requires. This remote ritual is performed by me usually in the evening and is potent for about 72 hours. All you have to do is RSVP in the group if you'd like to be included in the ritual and then message me with any specifics you'd like to share (though that's not required if you don't want to share details).


On the first Tuesday of the month, we have a virtual Zoom meeting with discussion and exploration of a variety of topics affecting us individually and collectively as well as things that may be affecting those around the globe (things such hurricanes, earthquakes, wars, etc). We then do a short ritual to help support and clear whatever is happening.


In our private group portal, we'll have discussion threads, extra support, and more to encourage you in your growth. You can ask questions, share what's working (or not working)  for you, and get feedback as needed, as well as connect with fellow Circle members.


Additionally, you'll have access to resources (including books, videos, and courses) inside the member portal to help you along your journey. Occassionally, we may have guest teachers and things like virtual live workshops, lectures, and more.

You can choose to pay monthly, every 6 months, or annually. On the 6 months option, you pay for 5 months and get 1 month free and with the annual option, you pay for 10 months and get 2 months free.

You can also choose to add monthly one-to-one support. You'll find the details for that inside the member portal once you sign up for the Circle of Light.