The Whole Life Business Planner
& The 2023 Playbook

About The Whole Life Businss Planner

Your dreams and goals and your family grow and expand in a fluid manner when you have systems to guide them. Each day, your job is to decide which of your things falls into the HELL YES category and do them. And ONLY them.

That's why we have 5 Things. It's the most we can often really accomplish in a day. All else is busywork. And busywork is bullshit.

The other key reason for 5 Things - and this is incredibly important so get this if nothing else - You need space. Your vision, your mission, your why requires that you have space for the next steps to emerge.

They require that you stop, that you slow down, that you rest and fill your own well DAILY. Not weekly. Not monthly. Not yearly. DAILY.

The success of your life and your business depends on YOUR health. And if you're not making time for you and your vision to expand THROUGH you, success will be elusive. Trust me - I learned this the hard way!

And that's why I created The Whole Life Business Planner: The Five Things Method to Mastering Your Next 90 Days.

It's a system I had been using and refining and developing for several years before I started using it with my own coaching clients. And when they put it into practice, they started creating massive results.

So, what's included?


The Whole Life Business Planner includes these pages:

  • 90 Day Overview
  • 90 Day Roadmap Outline
  • Wellness Intentions
  • Daily Framework
  • Monthly Intentions
  • Weekly Intentions
  • Daily Planner
  • 90 Day Reflection
  • Deeper Reflections
  • Future Intentions
  • Brainstorming pages
  • Notes pages

The Whole Life Business Planner is a very simple system of ONLY doing your most important tasks for the day or week. It's meant to streamline your productivity and not feel overwhelmed because you have too many tasks on your plate.

So, each day, you choose the top 5 Things you need or want to get done. And I'm not talking about the dishes and laundry and mundane chores you know you have to do regularly. I'm talking about the STUFF that makes your life THRIVE.

Now, listen - there is NO WRONG way to use The Whole Life Business Planner. You can't fuck it up. It's meant to be used in the way that flows naturally for you. Use the pages you like, skip the ones you don't. Simple as that.

You CANNOT do it wrong!

The 2023 Playbook

This simple 26-page guide is designed to help you close out 2022, thank it for all it's lessons, and bring 2023 forward with your best and brightest intentions for an amazing year ahead.

Simply download it, print it out, find a comfy spot with your favorite beverage and let it flow!



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You'll get the entire Whole Life Business Planner system - 90 days of planning goodness - plus the 2022 Playbook in one sweet bundle.

Print them out and put them in your favorite binder (I like the discbound style by Levenger). Then use it every day and watch your results skyrocket.