Whole Life Business Planner
The Workshop

The Planshop

$97 for a limited time

Join Annie for a fun planning workshop built around The Whole Life Business Planner. Includes a copy of the Planner (a $35 value)

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The Next 90 Days

An overview of your intentions for the next 3 months

Your 90 Day Roadmap

Set your major milestones and benchmarks

Wellness Intentions

Create your intentions for wellness in key areas of your life: mindset, physical health, spiritual nourishment, and more

Create a Daily Framework

What habits do you want to cultivate over the next 90 days?

Monthly Intentions

Set your top intentions for the month

Weekly & Daily Intentions

List appointments, meetings, to-dos, and actions you need to take for the week

90 Day Reflections

Take stock of what went well, what didn't work, how to improve, what you learned, and more about the last 90 days

Future Intentions

A place to brainstorm what's coming up in the next 90 days to help you create future roadmaps

What people say about working with me

Annie helped me do more in 90 days than I did in the previous 3 years! Without hustle, struggle, or feeling overwhelmed.

Katie Kozlowski headshot

Katie K.

Annie has a way of holding space and expanding your vision with you and then seamlessly channeling it down and grounding it in the here and now. Suddenly what felt impossible, not only feels possible, but feels totally easy.