One Generation

In the past week since the incident at MPHS, I’ve heard about a handful of other threats in the Greater Seattle area at other high schools and colleges. Now, it may just be my heightened awareness. . . something tells me it’s not.

Something tells me. . .  our nation’s youth and young adults are hurting. They feel unworthy of love. The feel damaged and unheard.

And here’s what I know:

We can change the tide of violence in our communities in One Generation.

We can create a world of peace and love in One Generation.

We can heal the entire planet in One Generation.

There is no more time to waste. Not one more child needs to grow up believing they’re broken and unworthy. Not one more child needs to suffer alone. Not one more child needs to die or be hurt or lost.

NOW is the time to show our youth that love and truth are the pathway. NOW is the time show our youth that peace and harmony are within them. NOW is the time to show our youth that hiding and holding our emotions inside is not the answer.

Stop hiding behind “political correctness”. Stop hiding behind what’s acceptable to talk about and what’s not. Stop hiding behind religion and economics and science and all of the other buzzwords being thrown around today.

We ALL have the power to heal the entire world.
We ALL have the power to BE love and truth and light.

It starts with YOU.

And when you BE that and let it shine for all the world to see, you WILL make a difference. For EVERYONE around you.

I challenge you, I URGE you to START TODAY.


One Generation can create World Peace.
One Generation. Beautiful. Whole. Fulfilled.

It starts Today. Now.

It starts in our own homes. With our own children. With our young adults. It starts with US.

I’m here to lead the conversation. Real. Raw. Honest. Open.
And I’m calling YOU to stand with me. The time is NOW to Rise Up.


It’s time that we understand. . .

Love is always the answer. <3

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