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I used to live my life playing small. Never standing out. Never standing up. Just getting by, dreading waking up on Monday mornings.

It felt chaotic. Ungrounded. I was anxious all the time. And EXHAUSTED! Always on the go like the Energizer Bunny. Never stopping for even a second to hear my own thoughts.

I was afraid of them. I didn’t want to hear the truth that my heart and soul were crying out for.

And then. . . my worst nightmares started happening. My partner duped me. My world started crashing down. Life was a mess.

That was my wake up call. I couldn’t sit idly by anymore. My Soul wouldn’t let me. The Universe very clearly kicked my ass and made me take a look around.

And not just around – but within. Deeply within.

My intuition – something else I had always been afraid of – became a tool to creating my dreams. I learned to trust it. To lean into it. And not just that, but to follow it. All the time. To listen to it without fail.

Your dreams were not meant to be caged up inside you. They were meant to share with the world.

See, you might feel unqualified to pursue those dreams. I understand.

But you know what? Source doesn’t especially care if you’re not qualified in human terms. The Universe knows exactly what you are capable of. And you are qualified simply because God called you to birth this dream, this vision, this idea. You’re qualified through Divine Power, Authority and Endorsement.

You know what else? You don’t even need to be ready. All you have to do is say yes. That’s it. Let the Universe handle the rest. And if you want support, that’s what I’m here for. Reach out.

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Annie Anderson

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